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Simplicity. Your page loads as a series of product images or thumbnails – when you hover over them they start to play as videos – rotating elegantly until you mouse moves away. When you click it takes you through to your product detail page, where a larger video auto plays (with optional zoom friendly photography). Simple, elegant, graceful.
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Zoom-friendly photography

Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water, traditional photography still has its place. It's useful in giving the consumer the chance to zoom in to specific details online. And of course it still needs to feed your bank of assets for offline media too. We do both simultaneously.

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This approach isn't always appropriate for certain products, especially where their design or
functionality is more complex. If so then alternative video content could include:

>> Product in action

Some products require just that little bit extra in order to be effectively translated online. It's hard to visualise how a dress might hang or flow, or how a child's toy functions. Product in action does exactly what it says on the tin. It brings your product to life and demonstrates exactly what it will look like and/or what it can do.

>> Expert Review

Consumers continue to look to product reviews more and more to help make buying decisions. Video is a great way to capture credible and compelling product reviews. Picture an 'expert' using your product, describing it's features and benefits and really bringing it to life for the viewer. This type of output helps online shoppers who want more in the way of information and reassurance at the decision making stage. These short and powerful reviews help endorse the product but in a very credible way.
We can also provide:

>> Interactive Design and Build

Our team can design and build bespoke video functionality for your site requirements. Working with you, we'll design a user experience that harnesses interactivity to drive higher engagement levels. Your brand, your product range, your customer demographics all help to inform the best approach - so video integrates seamlessly
into your site.

>> Measurement

Firstly we listen and understand what your business objectives are, and then we clearly define a set of metrics for your video assets. Using a combination of tools we carefully measure the results and impact of every video interaction.

>> Hosting

We can help host all of the video content we produce for you. This means that your videos will be pulled in from our content delivery network (CDN) without affecting the speed of your site or interrupting the users' experience.

>> Usability testing

Using the latest technologies we can help you evaluate a user's web experience. Usability testing offers a rare opportunity to receive feedback and data from the very people the website is aimed at. From here you can make informed decisions that can enhance the functionality and design of the site.

>> Alternative bespoke video production services

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