Video Packshots was born out of Aspect Film and Video – the UK's first specialist video marketing agency.
Essentially we do 2 things:
First of all we create video productions - creative scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, music etc - for clients all over the UK and Europe. Great production quality and creativity underpins all our work.
But we don't stop there…

We also help our clients with the Strategic use and application of video. Good, high-quality production absolutely underpins all our work, but what you do with it afterwards is just as important.

There are some very powerful marketing results that you can achieve using video at the moment. We help our clients take advantage of them.

Whether it's using video to improve your SEO ranking, encouraging clicks using video in email campaigns, or integrating video into a campaign microsite and measuring it's performance.

Aspect bridges the gap between Marketing Agency and Video Production – helping you get the most amount of value out of your video assets.