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Increase online conversions in an instant


Switch to video packshots, and increase online conversions in an instant

This is brand new, and we're excited about it!

Why? Integrating video into e-commerce is proven to boost sales, reduce returns and influence purchase decision making. But many online retailers are yet to fully take advantage of this and instead rely heavily on stills. This has largely been driven by cost and the lack of effective integration. Traditionally video suffers from being a bolt on, sitting on the sidelines of the online shopping experience.

We wanted to find a simple and cost effective way to seamlessly integrate video and stills to improve conversion. We're so confident that we've cracked this, we're even willing to run a free pilot for you. We shoot both stills and video simultaneously, significantly reducing the production overhead.

What we do

We shoot stills and video simultaneously, significantly reducing the production overhead, and giving you a media bank of both still and moving image assets. We then integrate video seamlessly into your site to significantly enhance the user experience. If video packshots aren't appropriate, then there are always product demos or expert reviews.


Video's Impact

    > Increase sales
    > More tactile, more immersive, more experiential
    > Confident purchase decisions
    > Reduction in returns
    > Boost your SEO
    > Brings the in-store experience online



> Zappos, which has seen a conversion rate of 6-30% in sales since using video (

> eMarketer reports product video improves purchase conversions by 20-25%